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19 July 2012 @ 02:34 am
mouses, with love.  
ok so i met like three mices today. it happened over about eight hours. i trapped them under the sink.

just to drop you in the mo', my lil'sis decided to breed her mouse nomine to my older sis' labratory mice... and dude that lady knows how to fuck cause she made 13 little babies. who puzzy is it? that is her'shhh.

anyway, after a few weeks we gotta seperate those little ones otherwise they follow their natural impulse to fuck and have babies....regardless of our capability to provide.

erin accidentially left the cage for all the lady mice open, so i have spent today slightly tipsy and tracking these ladies of the darkness..... i have found three of them. i think there are two left, at most. however i also am skeptical because we were missing two to begin with...

i am using the cats as my agents. they are very useless in terms of practical methods of acquiring rodents, but they are aware of them are and can track them quite easily, despite an apparent distaste to their entire presence.

should i ever want to create an international conspiracy against mice, it will be with the total banality of the disregard of the feline race. they seem to want only to go outside, and the rodents are a sidebar. hilarious.... except perhaps i have one missing member of this unit, and i need to find her.

in any normal circumstance i would regard a 75% percent conversion a totally positive ideal... but this is an actual little living thing that needs my help to survive. i will not rely on these pacifistic statistics regardless of how drunk i am.

ps. i have had a lot of tequila.

if you know how to make a mouse come to you other than attracting it with the excrement of her relatives..... let me know as soon as possible. thanks.